Hi-C made easy with our user-friendly protocols

You should have received a PDF copy of the protocol for your ProxiMetaTM or ProximoTM Hi-C Kit with your shipping notification. If you misplaced that e-mail, simply download the protocol for your kit:

Last Update: January 2023

Our kits and protocols continue to evolve, and it is very important that you use the appropriate version of the protocol for your kit. Please double-check that the version number on your protocol matches the version number on your kit label. 

If the version numbers do not match, or if it has been a while since you purchased your kit, please contact us to ensure that you have the right protocol. Fill out the form below, or contact us at support@phasegenomics.com
the following details):

  • Your name, institution/company and contact details
  • The name of your kit, and the version number (from the kit label)
  • If available, the approximate date on which the kit was purchased


Please complete this form to request the protocol for your kit